We work with organizations and individual at all stages of development and growth.

MySpa Consultants offers solutions to each and every aspect of your business, according to your individualized and specialized needs, thus our consultant services are structured around your business needs.


Andrew Lockhart
Samantha Lockhart
Ashley Snow


Head of Advertising & Design

The brains behind it all. Samantha is always up for a challenge and she puts her everything into each project she manages. Samantha has worked iin every aspect of the beauty industry and fully understands what it takes to run a spa or salon.

Andrew has a retail background of more than 16 years experience. He understands the consumer mind and the buying spend of the customers. He is very meticulous in design detail of shop layouts and decor. Sales, Marketing and advertising are his forte. Andrew likes to get tthings done and keep you on your toes.

The lady with the set plan. Megon


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